Saturday, December 13, 2008

writing is an art

I have many thoughts in my mind but to put it all in writing is really a skill which I would aspire to have more. Hours together I can discuss a topic but when it comes to putting them as words on paper is always a challenge. I am always conscious that the sentences should not be too short, same words should not be repeated, precise in narrating etc.

Even while reading a book; more than the content I appreciate the way it has been narrated; probably that is the reason why it takes time for me to complete reading a book.
I have read many novels and short stories of R.K. Narayan. In that, some are really boring but still I could appreciate the descriptive writing skill of the author.
I know that “content is better than communication” but still the content is embellished by the way it is communicated. The skill of the author is appreciated even if the matter is trivial (like this article J)

With these thoughts in mind I have started this blog.


geeta said...

congrats on this delicately transparent yet intricately true world of blogging!you would have truly inspired a lot of thoughtful souls like me to venture into the art of thinking aloud!may your tribe increase!

harimohan said...

agree totally and what an art it is
it fills one with pleasure like all creativity