Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is the noble enough?

The salary of a Teacher in the begining of his/her career is probably Rs.3000/ a month and maximum can go upto Rs.15000/month in the next 10 years, what probably an IT fresher would make in his 1st month 1st Job !!!
If ever there was an award for 'The Grossly Underpaid Professional', there shouldn't be any doubt for whom it should be awarded. What is puzzling at times is where does all the exorbitant fees and donations an Institution collects go?
The increase in the fee structure makes the educational institutions profitable but not the teachers. Whether it is inflation or recession there will be neither hike nor lay-offs. The status of the teachers continue to remain the same. I guess this scenario has continued for years which can be seen in the number of people who really opt for teaching as a profession. This is more by default than design. This has already affected the quality of education which will have its effect in the society. So, It is left to the educational institutions to decide whether to compromise on the quality of education or to maintain the “nobility” of the “noble”.

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geeta said...

yes you are right ! Bangalore boasts about contributing the most in identifying India as an international business player but , did you know that its primary and high school teachers in private managed schools haven't heard of the fifth pay commission as yet ,unlike the mumbai counterparts who are waiting for their seventh pay commission being implemented??!!