Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The current recession has brought the markets down, layoffs, restaurants are empty, footfalls down on shopping malls,…

But with regards to the school fee structure, all you can see is only an increase. And some schools have also mentioned in their application form that there will be an increase every year by 10- 15%.
Can we imagine how much the fees will be for a baby nursery? It starts from 50k and goes upto1.5 lakhs in the “reputed” schools. I do not know whether they are going to provide each child with a laptop or the class rooms are going to be Air conditioned or a student-teacher ratio of 1:1.
Is this not ludicrous to collect exorbitant amount as fees? But are they any takers in such schools? Yes of course. People check well in advance application issue and submission dates and their activities are centered around it.

Does economics really has a place in kindergarten education? I guess it is more behavioural and herd mentality than demand and supply

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