Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NRIs (Not Rich Indeed)

We have a notion that NRIs are richer than people living in India. It is true to some extent. The NRIs are rich in India but we do not know their status in the place they live. I had stayed in the middle east for one and a half years. I had seen many people who literally struggle to run their family. If they have kids it is more difficult to maintain the expenses within the budget.

On the other hand there are many people here in India who are ignorant about the status of the NRIs and demand things from them. In fact these people forget that the NRIs also run a family with kids.
One kg of toor daal is 62 rupees in India it is double/triple the rate in US/UK and in other countries. Working abroad is not just a cake walk for them they too slog for every penny they earn.

Moreover, whatever that is available in the western countries are available now in India. So, next time spare a thought for your poor country cousin before mailing your shopping list.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Three already !!

How wonderful life is when you are with us

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Happy birthday, ananu kutty

Saturday, May 2, 2009

‘ kasmaalam’ (origin a guess)

I have come across many sites on the tamil slang.
‘Kasmaalam’ is a word used in tamil. I am not sure of the meaning of the word. But for sure it is used in an abusing sense. In many tamil movies this word is spoken as a madras slang. There are many words used in tamil slang that are meaningless. But I think this word has taken its origin from the Sanskrit word ‘kashmalam’ which means dirty, disgraceful or foul. There are many tamilians who are anti- Sanskrit have accepted to use the Sanskrit word at least as a jargon. (albeit unknowingly)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lakshmana the cockroach killer

Those who do not know about Lakshman rekha – rekha means line which was drawn by lakshmana for the protection of sita, when he went in search of Raama.

But later on this word lost its original significance and was used to put a line in order to keep the cockroaches away. In fact I have heard people asking in the shops for lakshman rekha, instead of cockroach hit. The other day when I was cleaning the house I saw cockroaches moving around my maid immediately told me to put lakshman rekha. If Lakshmana were to hear this may be he would also see the funny side of it and would justify by comparing the cockroach with raavana