Friday, December 14, 2012

A Good Read

After several months, today I finished reading a very interesting book called ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell. This is a very interesting book on how to better in life and the reason behind success of an individual. This will definitely help me in guiding my kids and shaping them as well. The crux of the book is- circumstances, upbringing, surrounding, sect the person belongs to matters a lot in the success of an individual.   

The book begins with the roseto mystery. The author describes, how a community of people came from Italy to setup a town in America. And in that particular place the percentage of death by cardiac attacks were more, which was not anywhere else in America. And the reason for this was found that they followed the same lifestyle that they had in Italy. Then the author says about a new theory called the Mathew effect, it talks about advantage of age cut-offs for school admission. He shows the example of the ice hockey leagues in Canada, football leagues in Europe where the cut off age forms an advantage. So, the date of birth helps some. To prove the phrase ‘Practice makes a person perfect’ the author says that to achieve something great an individual needs 10000 hrs of practice.

 Being Genius is good, but after a certain level on the IQ score, there is not much difference. Right parental guidance and good upbringing also matters a lot.

The book also deals with great men and the secret of their success.

After reading this book, I was very sure about one thing. Nothing comes free in life. Hard work is the result of an individual’s success.
Overall, It was an interesting read for me and it makes me think how to use this for me and for my kids.


Monday, April 23, 2012


During my school days receiving a certificate either in competition, sports or in academics was celebratory news. The certificates were considered as real honour and only the best would receive it.

I remember the first certificate I received when I was in the Fifth grade for being part of the M.B.Srinivisan’s troupe for an audition at A.I.R., Chennai. For me, then, it was a great possession.

Nowadays, children are given certificates even for trivial achievements. My six year old daughter bagged her first certificate when she was 2.5 yrs old from her play home during a sports event. Though she has merit certificates in literary fest and chess tournaments still her school recently awarded a certificate for passing U.K.G !!
I feel the child, going forward, will not understand the real value of certificates.

Couple of days before, I was arranging the cup-board and was going through my certificates which I received during the school and college days. My little one sat beside and asked that how many I have – I said ‘30
Immediately she brought her certificates and counted and said ‘amma I have only eleven certificates. You have more’.
Poor girl was unaware of the fact that her mom has received only 30 certificates throughout her student life!!!!