Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Chess Tournament

My 5.5 year Old Daughter won four matches out of five she played and bagged the sixth place in the chess tournament (under eight category). Totally there were 33 participants.

Her school has acknowledged her victory. Thanks, DPS East, for the encouragement given to the little one.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summer vacations in the eighties

The summer vacations are approaching and everyday I come across a new list of names of camps that are with mixed package of “learning with fun for the kids.”

I always think that how our parents managed when we were kids. I still remember that not even a single summer vacation was spent without visiting our athai’s and mama’s houses. We used to play from morning till night with our cousins. It was like a camp with no time limit.

But nowadays relatives do not stay in the same city, in fact in my daughter’s case her cousins stay in a different country. So, it becomes totally impossible to meet during every vacation.

Moreover, In today’s nuclear family it is really difficult to manage the children at home, especially during summer vacations. The children are so active that they need to be engaged throughout the day. Hence, summer camps take the place of the relative’s houses and teachers play the role of aunts and uncles.

But I personally feel that the summer vacations in the eighties were more enjoyable with lots of fun filled games invented by children themselves when compared to the summer camps which are similar to the monotonous routine of schooling.