Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Endhiran…. ‘engeyo poyittan’

'Endhiran' is the third rajini movie I watched in the big screen. The other two were 'annai or aalayam' and 'sri raaghavendra'.(rajini fans please forgive). I entered the movie hall with a pre-conceived thought that the film will be boring.

But I admit that this man has got some charisma that no Indian actor has. Especially the last forty minutes was really a celebration for the rajini fans when the spark like rajini in the role of chitti, version 2.0 appears. enna acting? I could visualize all the characters that rajini acted in his earlier days. Infact, when chitti uttered the word ‘adaan robot’ , I felt like clapping.

No other actor will be suitable to play the role of chitti other than our super star. Shankar made a correct decision of offering the role to superstar which made this film a hit.Though the film did not have a lengthy story to narrate or punch dialogues like other rajini movies , still the three hours was really exciting.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A cat at the concert

Yesterday my husband, daughter and I went for T.M.Krishna’s concert held at sankar mutt, maleswaram. There was a huge crowd and each one of us were finding a seat for ourselves. The main artist along with the accompanist entered the premises on time. Suddenly, a group of people raised their voices saying, ‘it will disturb the concert please send it out’. We, sitting at the back row could not understand the reason for the commotion. Finally, T.M.Krishna jumped out of the dais and pulled the distressed ‘kitten’ and there was instantaneous applause from the audience.

My daughter was busy with her drawing and was totally unperturbed by the turn of events around her. We decided to leave the concert hall after the rendition of subaraya sastri’s ‘sankari neeve ..’ in raga begada. While we were discussing the intricacies of the concert my daughter interrupted us with a pertinent question-‘amma what happened to the cat?’.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

In praise of mother

We have heard many songs in the tamil movies in praise of mother and motherhood. But the first song that everybody has in mind is ‘amma enrazhaikaadha’ sung by yesudass from the movie ‘mannan’ starring super star rajini kanth.

But there are many songs that are equally melodious and sung by great singers. The list goes-

1 chinna thai aval

2 naanaga naanillai taaye

3 kaalayil dinamum kanvizhithu

My all time favourite song is ‘Uyirum neeye’ from the film ‘pavithra’ sung by unnikrishnan.

You can hear the song here

belated mother's day wishes to all..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mein aisa kyon hoon………

I have recently ventured into the weight reduction bandwagon. And joined the gym by name ‘inch by inch’… whether I lose in inches or not but at least my confidence level increases by doing the cardios and the weights. The trainers will always be behind us to see whether we dodge and their never ending counts and speed will really boost the morale. We can see men and women of different shapes and sizes, standing in different corners facing the mirror. And the only song that comes in everybody’s mind is ‘mein aisa kyon hoon…….’

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Radio mirchi contest

Radio mirchi bangalore team were in my apartment for a small contest/program.the sponsors were Tvs scooty streak,sobha builders and kotak mahidra bank.They had conducted many contests for the kids and their mothers.My daughter actively participated in the drawing,dancing and singing competitions. She also bagged a prize for the dance.Yours truly was adjudged as the 'super mom' of the event for having participated in almost all the events and won a couple of them. You can hear me shortly on radio mirchi.... keep it tuned....