Monday, October 18, 2010

A cat at the concert

Yesterday my husband, daughter and I went for T.M.Krishna’s concert held at sankar mutt, maleswaram. There was a huge crowd and each one of us were finding a seat for ourselves. The main artist along with the accompanist entered the premises on time. Suddenly, a group of people raised their voices saying, ‘it will disturb the concert please send it out’. We, sitting at the back row could not understand the reason for the commotion. Finally, T.M.Krishna jumped out of the dais and pulled the distressed ‘kitten’ and there was instantaneous applause from the audience.

My daughter was busy with her drawing and was totally unperturbed by the turn of events around her. We decided to leave the concert hall after the rendition of subaraya sastri’s ‘sankari neeve ..’ in raga begada. While we were discussing the intricacies of the concert my daughter interrupted us with a pertinent question-‘amma what happened to the cat?’.

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