Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A colour blind world

The first thing people noticed about her, when she came out of her mother’s womb, was her colour. From that day ‘complexion’ became a source of torment for her. ‘She will get the colour once she grows older’ said the senior member of the family. ‘who will marry her’ a tyrannical tone came. Her mother, docile by nature, tolerated all the comments.
She was bright and excelled in everything and was second to none, while others in the family pale in comparison with what she did. Probably that is why they were pale!!
At one point of time she started losing her confidence and was really troubled by the remark of her complexion. She was reaching high level in her career but the old memories taunted her.

But she always thought that it is the almighty who created a colourful world and also created a colour which is not liked by all. Oh! lord what colour are you....... why don't you create a colour blind world?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Around the world – a tag

I was tagged by Ammani to write a few lines I love about being a mother. Here are my five……

1 On the 9th of May 2004 the world turned into utter darkness for me and my husband when we lost our baby in my pregnancy. But on the same month after two years, when I delivered my little one that day was an unforgettable day in our life. And now we could not imagine a life without her.

2 The numerous names we call her…Thangapushpam, amshu paali, pakshi raaj…..actually a big list.. I think these words of endearment only a mother will know.

3 My knowledge of things like names of flowers, animals, birds grew multifold probably after a hiatus of 20 years. The last time was my Biology class during my 8th standard.

4 My Lunch and Dinners have changed from a sedentary position to a running buffet.

5 When I see her in her sleep the feeling of innocence makes me wonder is she the same one doing all the ‘dushtu’ stuff during the day.

I refrain from tagging as my contacts in the blogger world is far and few.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A year has gone by

I still remember the day I dropped my daughter at Podar Jumbo kids and returned home with tears. That was the first day I was at home without her. I even had a guilt feeling that I sent her to school when she was only two. Today almost a year has gone by and it is really a nostalgic memory for us. At the age of two she started singing the national anthem. Her first stage experience was on the independence day. She danced for the song ‘nanna munna raahin hoon…..’ that is followed by her reciting the totakaashtakam, in the attire of ‘Adi sankara’. Then she participated in the monkey dance. It was really a wonderful experience both for the child and the parent. Thanks to the podar team for taking care of my little one.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A for amma…………….

When I was a child I remember my mother tongue was first taught to me. I do not remember when I first started speaking in English. But nowadays children start learning English first, and then their mother tongue. The reason could be the place they stay, where it becomes compulsory for them to learn English so that they can interact with others. The other day I was teaching tamil to my daughter. She was able to remember “squirrel” in English and I taught her it is ‘anil’ in tamil. She said goat and I translated it as ‘aadu’ and similarly for ‘camel’ ‘ottagam’.
Though my daughter speaks tamil fluently still she is able to say the names of animals, fruits or vegetables only in english……. I guess the trend in a couple of years will be A for Amma