Sunday, April 5, 2009

A for amma…………….

When I was a child I remember my mother tongue was first taught to me. I do not remember when I first started speaking in English. But nowadays children start learning English first, and then their mother tongue. The reason could be the place they stay, where it becomes compulsory for them to learn English so that they can interact with others. The other day I was teaching tamil to my daughter. She was able to remember “squirrel” in English and I taught her it is ‘anil’ in tamil. She said goat and I translated it as ‘aadu’ and similarly for ‘camel’ ‘ottagam’.
Though my daughter speaks tamil fluently still she is able to say the names of animals, fruits or vegetables only in english……. I guess the trend in a couple of years will be A for Amma

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busyblogger said...

I have been following your blog for a while...and i am totally with you, i live in Melbourne, and the first time my little one called Amma touched my heart and she had learned a dozen words before she said that !