Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A colour blind world

The first thing people noticed about her, when she came out of her mother’s womb, was her colour. From that day ‘complexion’ became a source of torment for her. ‘She will get the colour once she grows older’ said the senior member of the family. ‘who will marry her’ a tyrannical tone came. Her mother, docile by nature, tolerated all the comments.
She was bright and excelled in everything and was second to none, while others in the family pale in comparison with what she did. Probably that is why they were pale!!
At one point of time she started losing her confidence and was really troubled by the remark of her complexion. She was reaching high level in her career but the old memories taunted her.

But she always thought that it is the almighty who created a colourful world and also created a colour which is not liked by all. Oh! lord what colour are you....... why don't you create a colour blind world?


Rama said...

Good writing. I can tag myself to this. very apt!!

sittingathome happily said...

Fault finders are usually a very efficient lot.If this person had been fair complexioned, they would have found some other shortcoming.Though difficuilt to ignore, these problems can be easily overcome if one has a high sense of self worth,just like the person you are writing about.
Quite a blog today is also about colour.Read it only if you like pink !!