Friday, May 1, 2009

Lakshmana the cockroach killer

Those who do not know about Lakshman rekha – rekha means line which was drawn by lakshmana for the protection of sita, when he went in search of Raama.

But later on this word lost its original significance and was used to put a line in order to keep the cockroaches away. In fact I have heard people asking in the shops for lakshman rekha, instead of cockroach hit. The other day when I was cleaning the house I saw cockroaches moving around my maid immediately told me to put lakshman rekha. If Lakshmana were to hear this may be he would also see the funny side of it and would justify by comparing the cockroach with raavana


Rama said...

hehe...that ugly green chalkpeice. I have really seen Mr & Mrs Cockroach and family happily crossing that line without any problem..Its a waste..They have got immune to that green stuff..

Rama said...

Lets point a few more funny house hold pochi kolli methods..

1.Manjal podi for Pillayar Erumbu. They put this ring of color around sambadams with Krishna Jayanthi sweets and savouries.
2.Tennis Bat - to kill mosquitos. Such a great invent. You can excercise as well as kill mosquitos. When i was in India, i fell addicted to this tennis bat and evertime i kill a kosu, it was such an accomplishment.

sittingathomehappily said...

If I am not mistaken,Lakshmanrekha
was the actual brand name for the first cockroach killer chalk that was launched in India.It became very popular.Hit came only later but people continue to call all such chalks 'Lakshmanrekha'.