Sunday, December 14, 2008

Off with Cable – anniversary of sorts

It is almost a year since we disconnected the cable connection at home. Ever since our child was born we hardly had time to talk. Cooking , cleaning, spending time with the kid ……. It was a mundane routine. Our Quality of life was becoming worser day by day.
My better half used to sit in front of the television to watch either match or news in BBC/CNN. And me on the other hand watching all inane TV Shows and most importantly would like to surf which took most of my available time.

So after much contemplation we decided to cut the cable off. Its almost a year now and do we regret it. It has been a mixed bag. Yeah for sure, for one, all the ‘breaking news’ comes by phone through our relatives. We do miss some of the TV shows that we got habituated to sit together and watch.

Though, there is not a great change in our quality of life now ;But still, we are proud enough to proclaim that our daughter doesn’t sing even a single ‘Mega Serial’ song :)….till now

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