Friday, December 12, 2008

Admissions……… Fate or Failure

Getting an admission into a ‘good’ school nowadays is something unpredictable. We were looking for admissions for our 2 .5 year old kid. It is really hard to comprehend this situation. One particular school started issuing applications in the month of August; just two months after the academic session of the current year. And the cost of the application ranges from Rupees 100- 600.And there is no guarantee of getting an admission just by submitting the application (even at nursery level).
And secondly, no one could reason out that on what basis they select a candidate and reject the rest. What is the criteria behind it? Obviously for a nursery admission written tests are not conducted. So, if it is on the basis of age, like born before June or August then it is fine. But if a candidate is selected based on the Qualification of the parents and the income then it doesn’t sound really fair…but it is the most pragmatic approach.
May be from the school’s point of view, it is a process of elimination rather than selection. Obviously ‘capacity’ of the parents would be the “The” criteria for the selection panel. Capacity, I meant both at the intellectual and economic levels.
Thankfully my ward is ready to join a good school, but not sure of the criteria for her selection and rejection of my neighbour’s child . Perhaps it is the four letter word…now before you imagine anything…… I meant FATE :)

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Guru.B.Mhanyan said...

If intellectual capacity does play a part, it is probably minuscule to the point of being negligible.

Dabbu unda? be it half way through the current academic year or be it the last month, we will welcome you with open arms and pockets. Your child can fill our arms while you can fill our pockets.....