Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Unplanned City

Have you ever seen the City Railway station and the bus stop in the same area?
If not, Welcome to Bangalore!!!. The place is called “Majestic”, nothing about it justifies its name.

I am staying in Bangalore for the past seven years. Population here has grown by leaps and bounds and now the city is proudly named as cosmopolitan city. Families like us have come from other states and settled in.
The infrastructure and the basic amenities capability have stagnated though. How long can the authorities hide behind the defense of ‘unexpected increase in population’. What measures have been taken to improve the city’s infrastructure? Road is the only mode of transport and it is always the ubiquitous traffic jam. In cities like Mumbai everyday is a journey but the distance they cover is huge and the countless options available for transport. Here, in Bangalore, it takes 2 hrs during peak time just to cover 15 kms.
Politicians show interest in expanding the city and IT companies open their branches in different areas. A Person will be posted according to the projects he/she has been given. If one project is in ITPL, Whitefield then the other one will be on the other end in Electronic City. Hence, time is spent more on commuting than computing. And all these happen in a city where there are not even the basic amenities like good roads, transports etc. The prestigious metro rail project is off-track by a year and expected to complete its 1st phase by 2011 (a meager 6 kms).

Definitely there will be increase in population by three times in the next twenty years, going by past trends. The Political and Bureaucrat establishment can no longer hide behind the ‘unexpected increase in population’...perhaps they will invent a new theory for not doing things and I will, hopefully blog my way into that too ……..


Anonymous said...

very true, I see men and women as early as 6.15 a.m with their lunch bags and laptops waiting for their buses.We see children going to school very early just to avoid traffic. We ask even our children to ADJUST. The word we as Indians are used to.I believe, the reason for our sooo called developemnt problems in our city.

Last week my daughter got a book from her school library. The title read ,"when will papa come home" She said ," I know amma it is bcos of traffic jam. But still i felt like reading this book".
I had no answers!!!

Hope the metro rail is through before she is 20.

Visalakshi said...

Cities like Boston which probably is not as populated as Bangalore suffers from the "The Big Dig" (,_Massachusetts)) what to say of Bangalore - which suffers from already growing native population, ever increasing number of people coming in for a job, less no of manual labourers, bad living conditions... do I need to go on about this?

Anonymous said...

you are right.I stay here in Bangalore. Everyday travelling to office and returning is really a pain.I empathise you.People who stay here only will know about the travelling discomfort.

Anonymous said...

It is very easy to shift blame - the government did not do this, the corporates don't do that so on and so forth.
Have you stopped to consider for a minute what you have done today to improve the situation except bicker?
All of us will readily and gladly accept the economic boost that the IT boom has brought along in its folds, but will not accept the hardships that go hand in hand.
Give India her fair chance, repose faith and trust in her - after all she has played an important role in your upbringing!! She is a billion strong and that much more talented, and she shall shine in all walks of life!