Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who needs a break?

I have never stayed away from my daughter for 24 hours in the past three and a quarter of years. I always thought that she will never stay without me. But last week I had to visit Chennai for a personal work. Hence, I had to leave my daughter here in Bangalore with her father. But to my great surprise she accompanied her father to the railway station to drop me and said ‘bye amma jaagaradaya po’ (have a safe trip). And whenever I called her she was talking with full enthu and I could get it from her tone that she has a wonderful time with her father.
All these years I thought that I need a break from the baby care but now I realize that she felt the need much more than I…..


sittingathome said...

daughters usually bond very well with fathers.From my own experience, I can safely predict that soon they both will be a team and you will have to work hard to get included in it.

ranjani said...

I second the comments by "sitting at home". I also feel u will soon want to have time away from home too. all of us need break from routine once in a while!

Madrasi Mambazham said...

I know the feeling. My daughter is not yet 2 and they have a lovely time on the rare occasions that I do go out alone. When I come back home, he says "avvo romba chamatha irundha".