Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A rare recording of esoteric T.Brinda

Iam mad about the song and with the voice of the singer.Listening to this as a continuous loop.


Kamini said...

This is incredibly beautiful. Now I have it playing on a continuous loop, too! Thank you so much for sharing this.

Saraswathan said...

A rare and exquisite piece of music which was really enchanting to listen! Thanks for sharing .

braindrain said...

Hi, Nice meeting you on Sunday. Thank you for adding this in your blogroll.

I did not see a link for sending mails. Hence added here.


braindrain said...

Hi, Nice meeting you on sunday. Thank you for putting up the link in your blogroll.

I couldn't see any link for sending a mail. Hence added here.


Saraswathan said...

Incidentally your daughter singing the kriti is Amazing Stuff Heard the Audio Clip. Asirwadams to the budding musician.

PRG said...

thanks sir........ thank you for the blessings..