Friday, February 27, 2009

Friend’s Day out…….

We are habituated to visit far off places whenever we plan a trip, whether it is pilgrimage or a picnic spot. We might not have seen the places that are close by. Especially when it comes to planning a pilgrimage trip we often visit the far off temples eventhough we might not have visited the temples next door.
When my friends and I planned for an outing each one of us came with a different idea. One said Mysore the other one said golden temple at Vellore and the third one said Chaamundi Hills. None of us were interested to go for a movie.

Many malls have been opened in Bangalore in the recent years. But, we never had the time to visit the malls with family. So we arrived at a conclusion that we will visit the malls and enjoy the day. We visited Forum mall, had the lunch at food court and the ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Altogether it was really a memorable day. Thanks to my friends for giving me a good company. Hope to have many more outings in future.


Visalakshi said...

Living in Madras I never took the time to visit nearby temples. It has taken 32 years and my MIL's wish for me to see Ratnagirisvarar and Marundeesvarar temple here in Madras!!

sittingathome said...

Who all were there?Anyone I know?
I am J and more info would help me
to be J properly.Almost feel banished here....Glad you enjoyed.