Saturday, February 14, 2009

For a Cup of milk!!!

Everyday it almost takes forty five minutes for me to make my daughter drink her cup of milk. Sometimes it is really irritating for me and I loose my patience and give her a slap. But, giving her a slap early in the morning spoils the day’s routine. Moreover, she tells everyone that she drank milk after getting a slap from amma. (adi vaanginapparum paal kudicchen).
During weekends I was putting the onus on my husband by keeping the cup near him and kept myself busy in the kitchen. Then, we tried the following methods that are suggested by friends and well-wishers.

1 Tried milk with different flavours like complan, milk maid, milk shake etc.

2 Pink milk (strawberry essence added to the milk)

3 Gave her milk in a fancy cup.

4 Milk served in a paper cup (the outer portion of the cup coloured by her)

I tried all these combinations but nothing worked and my fight continues……………..


Anonymous said...

This is the best time to develop your patience

sittingathome said...

poor A

try this

Request her favourite school teacher to talk to her about the goodness of milk.It is better if the teacher can ask her daily if she has had her milk " like a good girl".

All the best..

ammani said...

It's okay if she doesn't have her milk. She should be fine as long as she has yogurt and other milk products. It's not worth the stress as I've learnt the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Hey !!

Its no good beating a child for not eating.

You should find out ways really...

ajagadisan said...

her tha tshe should not drink milk. sometimes the opposite works.

Sidharth Kapoor said...


It lovely reading what a mom goes thru to make sure her child is well fed and happy. I like your explanation and the small little things that probably all of us have gone thru and it feels good when we read about it.

I stumbled upon your blog through dilip muralidharan -> blogeswari -> (your blog)

About the "getting the kid drink milk" issue - you are not alone!!
My mum runs a day care center in bangalore and I have seen for over half my life, my mum along with her helpers running around 10 -15 kids, trying to feed them ! And oh man! that is the toughest task!

However on the contrary, looking at it from a nutrition point of view, if a kid does not like drinking milk (cow's milk this one - that is toned by the milk company sterlised and packed - thus loosing most of the goodness) its okay to feed the kid with some alternative thing that is both filling and nutritious. Try yoghurt, fruit juices, shakes or even plain tender coconut juice and then some times when its milk's turn may be it will be appreciated by the kid.

All the best! :)



busyblogger said...

I have the same experience with my 2 1/2 year old as well. But when i thought about this,i realised i cannot drink a cup of milk or have them with cereals because my mom used to force me to drink and i have created an aversion to it. So this is what i do - her daily requirment is 600ml milk. if she drinks from her cup all good, if not it goes in as cream pasta, milk shake with fancy straw and oats porridge with raisin.