Saturday, July 4, 2009

Birthdays + Schools = Trouble with teeth

My three year old daughter brings a chocolate bar almost everyday from school, since the day she joined. We have been telling her on the bad effects of chocolates. At home we strictly say no for chocolates and the good part is, she brings the chocolate home and only with our permission she eats it.

But why can’t the school ban chocolates like they have banned coke, pepsi and maggi in their canteen. Two weeks before, during the orientation session, a psychologist addressed the parents about the bad effects of children consuming chocolates and sugar. Even after that I do not understand why the school is still encouraging chocolates.

On the other hand the parents should also be aware of the fact that sending chocolates during birthdays not only spoil their own children but also the other wards in the school. Instead of chocolates why can’t they send small gifts like pencil or crayons which is useful but not harmful.

Not sure if Cadbury refers to this aspect as their “khaas baath” ...


sittingathome said...

Just ask her to bring all the goodies home, collect them , and give them to her as treats whenever
you deem fit.Tell her strictly that
she cannot have candies without your permission.
It does not serve any purpose to deprieve a child of the joys of eating chocolate.Only make sure she gets the right amount, occasionally.Also,very soon you will also find a sizeable collection of pencils etc in your home , thanks to gifts from schoolmates.Which brings us to the point :anything in excess is bad.

busyblogger said...

the child care my little one goes to, puts the lolly bags in their bag and tell them not to open it. I usually throw half the lollies out and give her the bag with 1 or 2. she doesnt know what was in that until i hand it over

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts with us. As a mom, I too face the same dilemma. My three year old is a chocoholic. Thankfully, his teachers are more successful than I am in making him understand the importance of veggies.

The difficult part is that guests always bring chocolates and sweets and that triggers it even more. Affection is a good thing but the habit gets stronger each time. When I visit little kids' homes or give gifts, I always give something they can use like a fun activity book or something like that. I wish more people would do that rather than buy chocolates for kids. Its so bad for their health.

About your post, I enjoyed reading it. Your style is crisp and engaging. I hope you keep writing more.