Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What to cook?

“Is there anything in this world other than satisfying the stomach from morning till night?” She thinks every time while entering the kitchen.
More than cooking deciding the menu takes her time. There are lots of rules in the house regarding the menu. There should not be any repetition of the menu in the same week. The side dish should suite the main menu. There is constant danger of the menu being decided by ‘others’ in the house if the frustration was expressed, explicitly. Cooking is the only thing where she has complete freedom over and she will fight to retain that domain…at any cost


ammani said...

I know, I know, I know so well.

Blogeswari said...

Very nicely written ! I am liking this a lot

sittingathome said...

Thanks for highlighting the universal wife/ mom daily dilemma
(UWMDD ??)
I have an idea for 'she'- move over to Scandinavia.Here'Indian' food supplies are very limited and the family will get used to eating carrots 3 times a week.Best part:less cooking.Where is the scope?

Rama said...

Naan pesa nenaipadhellam nee blog'il ezhudha vendum :)..well written..purushan "i'm fine with anyting ma" nu sonnalum..samaikardhilla pattam epdiyum kidaithuvidum..Goundamani style la sollanam na "Idhellam arasiyalla sagajamappa"